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Share, Social and Friend (Age 4-16)

Share, Social and Friends

Be ready to teleport into a realm of super cool social experiences! Have your friends show you their school! How they make their local food! And even visit them one day! It’s time for kids to have their own social media.

By Kids, For Kids!

Fun, Safe and Educational Social App for kids around the world.

GrowAlong Programme

GrowAlong Programme connects your child with children from China with a bilingual facilitator. As they share and communicate, your child will develop social and emotional skillsets while understanding about lives of peers across the world.

Engage in fun cross-cultural activities

Communicate spontaneously and explore the world

Interact through exchanging short videos

Safe and Educational Network

Every users’ age is verified through a 15 seconds self-introduction video, ensuring an age appropriate community. 

All videos uploaded will be reviewed for inappropriate content before being sent through.

No ads and fee. Record a quick video to open up a world of fun and discovery!

Join our global community

Such an exciting programme! 
Our whole family looks forward to our weekly meetings…
Mr Marcus, Bristol
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Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I think it’s brilliant! 
Mrs Lin, Boston
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Make friends across the world,
build a healthy, positive relationship with technology…
Ms Rushani, London
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Interesting projects that are fun to share!
Ms Kate, Los Angeles
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