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21st Century Learning

Children Aged 4-13

A window to the world

Why match with a Chinese family?

Expected to become the world’s largest economy, open up a world of personal and professional opportunities for your child’s future.

Pick up the world’s most spoken language and discover one of the richest culture in the world with over 5000 years of history.

Open a window to the world. Understand perspectives of people from the other side of the globe and learn about their lives.

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Weekly Video Chat with your Chinese family

A 1 to 1 bilingual educator

Communicate spontaneously with your Chinese family throughout the week

21st Century Learning – Global Awareness Curriculum Pack

A life-long friendship

Instant Feedback and Learning Reports

3 Easy Steps to meet your Chinese family


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Meet your Chinese family through video chat!

How to interact?

Over the week:

Children interact constantly through sharing photos, video and voice message; Parents engage in discussions through conversations on the app


Facilitated by your bilingual educator, families and children will interact in real time via video chat

Equipment needed:

Simply a mobile device such as a phone or an iPad tablet

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