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Exchanging cultures through short videos for KIDS

“Can you teach me how to make dumplings?”

“Definitely! Let me show you and I will love to learn how you make pies!”

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Fun & Cool Exchange

Learn the wonderous language and culture from a faraway country – China!

A country with splendid views: Great Wall, Summer Palace, Forbidden City...... and the kids, they do speak English! (HEY fun fact!)

Frog iPhone App Chinese Friends

Let your friends take you hand-in-hand into the lives they live!

Have your friends show you how to pull noodles and use chopsticks! Even visit them in China one day!

Safe & Secure

Children verify their ages through a simple self-introduction video, ensuring an age appropriate community.

All videos uploaded will be reviewed for inappropriate content before being sent through.

Frog iPhone App Safe

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