1. What is FROG?

FROG is a free app designed for youngsters to have social networking with like-minded peers from the other side of the world. Be ready to teleport into a realm of super cool social experiences – Have your friends show you their school! How they make their local food! And even visit them one day! It’s time for youngsters to have their own social media.

2. How does FROG keep its community safe?

We want to create a safe space for your child to share and exchange with peers from around the world.

We verify your friends’ ages before they can send you videos! We also screen all videos you receive, making sure your child views only healthy and wholesome content. Your information will be kept strictly among the friends you have been paired with.

3. Tips on self-intro

Make sure you show your face, introduce anything fun about yoursel

4. How videos are reviewed

How videos are reviewed?
We manually review all the videos within 24 hours.
If your video still didn’t show in your profile after 24h, it probably didn’t get through the review. And there will be views of the video after it’s reviewed.

5. What will the they talk about?

Anything of interest! They can share their day-to-day, talk about their hobbies, what they have done in school and play games with each other!

And we have also offer you lots of topics. You could choose any of them to start to drop a video. Get started!

We have many conversational topics and fun games for your child to play!

6. What is swim rings and gift used for?

The gifts collect from posting videos can be exchanged into swim rings.You could also top up for more swim rings.

There are more rules to get swim rings in this community! Play it and figure it out.

7. Is there advertising on FROG?

No, FROG is an ad-free experience. The app is also free, and there are no in-app purchases.

8. Safety Tips you should know

When you meet someone or some video you don’t like, you could block them.
When you found someone send bad text or video, you could report the person or the video.
Let’s build a safe and healthy community together.

9. I got something to tell the FROG team, where do I go?

Since the launch of FROG just a few months ago, we have received so much love and so many awesome recommendations from our users that we feel truly blessed to have the opportunity of creating FROG. We strongly believe our users are the foundation of our project, thus we love to hear any opinions or suggestions on how to further improve FROG. Just shoot us an email at contact@grow-along.com or just message “FROG buddy” and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

We want to thank each and every one of our users for giving FROG a chance. We promise to never stop improving your FROG experience, bringing more and more fun and magical new features in the very near future. We hope you will continue to enjoy FROG! Now put on that smile and get ready to meet someone awesome!