International Collaborative Learning

A China Learning Buddy
for children ages 4-13

Welcome a lifelong friend

Bring a fresh new perspective into your child’s life through a Chinese learning buddy. Enrich his days as he discovers about a different country and explores the lives of others across the world.

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Why match with a Chinese family?

Be prepared to fall in love with each other’s language, be immersed in each other’s culture and let your lives be filled with new colours!

Expected to become the world’s largest economy, open up a world of personal and professional opportunities for your child’s future. 

Pick up the world’s most spoken language and discover one of the richest culture in the world with over 5000 years of history. 

Open a window to the world. Understand perspectives of people from the other side of the globe and learn about their lives.

Why us?

As they work together on 21st-Century themed projects and communicate on a weekly basis, your child will develop social and emotional skillsets that will well equip him to grasp valuable opportunities as he grows.

As a social enterprise, our programme is provided at cost. The nominal fee goes to covering the time of the private educator that facilitates your child’s programme.

Engage in fun collaborative learning projects

Communicate spontaneously throughout the week

Interact in real-time through weekly video chats

Our method

Each exchange is prepared and guided by an expert educator so the children participate and learn while they interact. 

21st Century Learning & Global Citizenship Curriculum Design

Professional 1-to-1 Bilingual Educator Guidance

Timely Feedbacks & Outcome-focused Learning

Optimal Learner Pairings Between Children & Families

Join our global community

Such an exciting programme! 
Our whole family looks forward to our weekly meetings…
Mr Marcus, Bristol
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Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I think it’s brilliant! 
Mrs Lin, Boston
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Make friends across the world,
build a healthy, positive relationship with technology…
Ms Rushani, London
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Interesting projects that are fun to share!
Ms Kate, Los Angeles
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