About us

GrowAlong is a social enterprise started by a group of international educators based in London. Having had the opportunity to experience and work in multiple countries, we saw the benefits that such exposure could bring from an early age.

It became our mission to provide children with an understanding of the wider world. To understand that there is a world beyond the US, UK or China through a lasting friendship with an overseas peer. Working alongside international NGOs, our programme also raises awareness of the civic responsibilities that come with being a member of this world.

As a social enterprise, our programme is provided at cost to families in the US and UK. The nominal fee we charge goes to covering the time of the 1-to-1 educator that facilitates your child’s programme.

Social purpose

Global Citizenship Education

By encouraging cross-cultural conversations between families, children develop a different perspective about how people around the world live and learn how their actions could have a global impact. We equip children with the skillsets required to work in a globalized environment and foster the skills and attitudes that will enable children to go on and make a positive impact on the world.

Impact through Partnerships

We work with a range of NGOs to promote awareness of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Through incorporating their work into our programme, children internalize the ideas that issues represented by the SDGs affect their own daily lives and recognise the importance of making simple changes that can lead to a more sustainable future.

Inclusivity Scheme

As educators, it is our vision to make such a learning opportunity available to children from all walks of life. Whether your child is too young to travel abroad or if you are unable to pay thousands for an overseas exchange programme, our programme aims to provide you the opportunity to broaden your child’s horizons.

Aside from providing our programme at cost, we offer an Inclusivity Scheme. Through referrals and working with charitable organisations, we provide our programme free to families who need such an opportunity the most.

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