About us

FROG is a social initiative started by a group of international educators based in London. Having had the opportunity to experience and work in multiple countries, we saw the benefits that such exposure could bring from an early age.

It became our mission to provide children with an understanding of the wider world. To understand that there is a world beyond the US, UK  through a lasting friendship with an overseas peer. 

Working alongside international NGOs, our programme also raises awareness of the civic responsibilities that come with being a member of this world.


More Safe & Secure

Every frogger’s age is verified through a 15 seconds self-introduction video, ensuring an age appropriate Frog community. All Frog videos uploaded will be reviewed for inappropriate content before being sent through. No ads and fee. Record a quick video to explore a world of fun and discovery.

More Fun For Kids

Unique way of communication through only short videos. Express yourself by dropping a story in the pond with a vlog alike video. Record 15 seconds video and snap the best moments in life. Also collect gifts from your videos and redeem them anytime.

Frog Buddy

If you need any help or need to provide feedback, just text Frog Buddy directly. Frog Buddy will get back to you shortly.

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